An Unstoppable Force: Meet Bobbi Storm


“I think a lot of what holds people back is themselves and the fear of losing, fear of not being able to grasp a hold of what they’re trying [to do], and the fear of just not becoming everything they saw for themselves,” Bobbi Storm said via phone. 


It’s January 2nd, 24 hours post the release of her latest single, “La La,” and the question is her relationship to the word fearless. If you follow the Detroit-native you’d be sleeping on her ‘gram to miss the many times she mentions herself being and encouraging others to be, fearless. 

Whether it’s singing on a plane that’s been trapped on the runway for 3-plus hours or committing herself to working out two to three times a day in preparation for a video shoot, Bobbi Storm need not weather any storm – she is the storm, thunder and dazzling lightning personified.  


With a range that digs directly into your bones, Bobbi Storm isn’t waiting to be given any handout. She’s paired that Detroit soul with New York grit and hustle to power her dreams dolo. 

“I’ve been burned by burning my own self,” she explained. “It was either sit here and cry or get a book and read what you need to read to find how to make this right.”  

She is poised and oozes unstoppable confidence. With just a 20 minute phone call, Bobbi Storm will remind you to quit sleeping on yourself because you are the success waiting to happen. “If we spend more time conquering those fears instead of allowing those fears to conquer us we would see that we’re capable of doing everything we set out to do,” she said.

And conquer she will, including unexpecting audiences on flights. First, doing so as a means to lift the spirits of fellow travelers on a flight delayed and then cancelled, Bobbi Storm has since become addicted to the act. 

“Once I took everyone’s attention on the plane nobody could really stop me from anything I really wanted to do. I had enough confidence to take over the world,” she said.  

Having the intent to gift her talent with the world makes putting out music less about the likes and more about the very human hope of, “will they like it?”  

The music transcends seasons and easily fits for any mood. Bobbi Storm is limitless in crafting sounds that aren’t cookie cutter or “on trend” but simply good music.  

“[La La] is a fun song for year-round and I also remember how long it took for people to catch the eye for ‘Lazy Love.’ I knew even if it wasn’t something everybody got a hold of or jumped onto the bandwagon until the summer it would be still be good enough for that too,” she said.  

What’s next? The accompanying “La La” video – glimpses you can find on her Instagram –a full body of work, and custom Bobbi Storm merch to grace 2019. Get into the latest track, “La La,” here and follow Bobbi Storm to stay inspired and, most importantly, fearless. 


Alley OlivierComment