Time Waits For No One, A Rule Cylla Senii Does Not Live By

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Nothing worth having happens overnight. Time is a tricky device we seem to neglect as not having enough of in a world of instant gratification. 

Cylla Senii, of popular web series Situationships, understands the power of choice. And she actively chooses to take her time when necessary.  

“There have been times where I haven’t been patient with myself, but really shifting to understanding patience and knowing that you have to take your time to create dope things,” she explained. “You don’t always have to rush.” 

Rushing through a script or developing characters wasn’t the key to Cylla’s success in landing Situationships on BET, nor will it ever be her tactic when creating or co-creating. Rather than rushing to post for our microwave society to like and comment, Cylla is meticulous in her planning, outlining, and writing alongside fellow creative Kar Logan.

“I feel like the biggest thing is understanding what needs to be done now and what can be done later,” she explained. “Also making sure you’re having fun. When it gets overwhelming you create that atmosphere of overwhelm.” 

The fun is something tangible in Cylla’s series, now in its second season. Situationships captures the muddy waters of millennial dating all the way down to the relatable characters. 

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You can’t help but feel as though she took a peak into your group chat, slightly exaggerated your mess, and put it on BET to be absorbed by others living in your same exact shoes. 

“It’s just expanded into this whole universe which I am going to continue to expand in years to come,” she said. 

Like many creatives, the initial hurdle after the idea sparked wasn’t the shopping around to network-hopefuls or solidifying the perfect cast. On the contrary, the hardest task was in fact, starting. “It was literally just a matter of starting and being consistent,” Cylla said. 

Taking time, starting, and being consistent – a recipe that seems so simple but is often forgotten as we lose trust in ourselves, support system, and the journey itself – is worthy of an Instagram meme floating around somewhere. 

The most vulnerable a creative can be is in the sharing of their art – within the process of creating, sharing and editing, and its eventual release to be digested by an audience. For Cylla, however, learning how to trust has been one of the most empowering skills she’s learned along the way. 

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“I think the biggest thing with leading a team is trusting and empowering them to let their gifts shine while working with them. Shifting to trusting has helped me so much. Trusting that I can be supported is such a big thing for me,” she said. 

This trust has allowed her to work and, more importantly, learn from other creatives as they work on their own crafts. 

Taking on the role of producer and executive producer on a handful of projects while Situationships moved on from season one to season two, the growth of the series is felt from the characters to the production quality. 

“I compare myself to myself and I really make sure to do a lot of research in checking out other amazing creatives that I look up to,” she explained. “Just having the audacity to go [to BET] and try to create something at that level really helped this season go extremely far. I also feel like working with a lot of amazingly talented creatives in season two spoke volumes.” 

As Situationships continues to grow, the universe that is men, women, and dating is making room for a spinoff: Wingmen. From the mind of her co-writer Kar Logan, Wingmen will provide the man’s perspective. 

“I’m super excited about Wingmen because it is a lot grittier, a little bit more dark humor compared to Situationships,” Cylla, who is executive producing, said.

There is nothing more real than our human need to understand the opposite sex. What the hell is he or she thinking? Why doesn’t he get me and vice versa.

Taking these universal themes, Cylla and Kar are providing us with entertainment that is unapologetically real life. “[Both shows] are going to go hand-in-hand with each other,” she said. 

Binge watch season one and two of Situationships on BET here and get ready for the premiere of Wingmen dropping Jan. 16 at 8:30 p.m. on YouTube. Follow @Situationshipny as well as @WingmenWebShow on Instagram and Twitter for updates on both web series. 

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