And the Disrespect for This Melanin Continues

I said it’s hard out here for this melanin.

It is as if black people just came to the United States; to be Black in America is to walk around like you just got here yesterday. Even though textbooks have told the world that Africans were forced onto these last hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, we are looked at as if we just fucking landed; we come in peaceheadass, and yet we’ve been here all along. Looked at like monsters, observed like aliens, and treated like animals; amazing how we’re human too but they think we bleed different. 

For the sun kissing my skin and it soaking the sun up to result in this caramel-like color, I get looked at like a damn alien—poked at in either amazement or disgust. Depending upon what type of person I come into contact with, I can either be attacked or admired; welcomed or shunned; stared down or checked out.


And the work to make it easier for this melanin is hard. 

I am excruciatingly disgusted of how people of color are treated within the United States, however, the news—unfortunately—is failing to shock me. I mean, what hasn’tthis country done to people who don’t identify as Caucasian? For being caught outside black, I could be shot, lynched, arrested, slapped, spit on, called hateful remarks, looked at like a monster and just straight up disrespected. Just by simply having some extra umphin my melanin, it could cost me my life and my freedom. It is simply…frightening. It makes my heart cringe at the thought that, because I came outside, I could be killed; because I got on the train today, I could be killed; because I walked into a corner store, I could be killed; because I brought my dog to the park, I could be killed. Yes, these are just every day activities, but performing all of these could cost me my life because I am black.

I am frightened for people of color, but what keeps me up most at night are the threatened lives of my brothers—and not just the ones that are tied to me by blood. I love my black men; all shades and kingly-ness; however, this country doesn’t see them how I see them. This country doesn’t see a hard worker, they see a gangster; it doesn’t see a man about to pull out his phone, they see a monster with a gun; it doesn’t see a man with his hoodie on because it’s raining, it sees a criminal up to no good. No matter what my people do—ESPECIALLY my kings—others are startled at what they see, will run away, cross the street, stare or shoot.

Yes, we were forced here—officially—400 years ago. Yes, we were forced to be slaves. Yes, the constitution didn’t consider us to be humans. However…yes, times have changed and it’s trulyand extraordinarily frustrating to see that the more the melanin, the more “being human” is doubted. However…yes, we are at a point in which history is repeating itself. Over these past two—going on three—years, the morality of this country has dissolved into the far parts of the galaxy nowhere to be found. To answer the question at hand—why is it so hard for the country to accept that Black people are human—you just have to step back and take a good look at the current administration we are dealing with. Colored skin won’t be seen as human because of what occupies the office…and then some. 

Yes, I will explain.

Trump and his entire administration have successfully accomplished bringing out all of the hatred throughout the entire country. For years, it seemed as though times were genuinelyprogressing; and don’t get me wrong, a lot has changed overtime. However, Trump’s leadership has revealed that a lot morepeople with his shared mindset still exist and it isn’t just to older generation.

For some time, I assumed that, eventually, all the racists would just die off. It’s only the old folks that still harbor the racism, right? Once they die, combating racism won’t be as difficult.Boy…was I beyondwrong. Yes, it is indeed true that racism stems from the older generation. But, the problem is that their younger counterparts are being taught to have the same beliefs that they have. We are seeing all ages and sizes full of hatred and ignorance; and it looks like it’s only going to keep continuing from generation to generation. The main reason why we didn’t catch this is because these people weren’t praised; they weren’t allowed to fuel the country with their hate; they were seeing that times were changing. 

With the orange madness in office, we are seeing that not too much has changed.

Melanin is still being hunted; attacked; ridiculed; harmed; just completely fired against. However, melanin isn’t the only target. Quite honestly, if you aren’t an old-rich-white-man, this country has lost sight of you. If your money isn’t loud enough, you won’t be heard; if you skin isn’t pale enough, you won’t be heard; if your hair isn’t straight, you won’t be heard; if you don’t have a penis, you won’t be heard. It’s really quite difficult to exist in a place we were forced into and told to leave. It sucks to be told that you are growing up in the melting pot of the world, but the administration isn’t trying to build a wall to keep everyone out and pick out those who don’t belong” so they can get the fuck out too. 

It’s so hard for the country to see melanin as human because it is constantly being shown that it is not. If you are told something enough times…you know what follows.



Alley Olivier