Be Empowered


2019 is that you, playa? Coming across the Himalayas?! Brand new year, same ol’ me – fresh ass BrooklynButtah. Circa week 2, I felt disgusted with myself. I had no motivation and, in fact, wrote parts of this very piece from my bed while feeling said feelings.

It’s a forward-thinking type of thing.

This style of writing – writing when I absolutely do not want to – that makes me feel the most powerful. Despite feeling overwhelmed and moving as though I am fighting through molasses, I know that just vomiting on paper or keyboard will eventually lead me to feeling much better. It might not be in the moment but I always do.

That’s why this fresh start has been empowering, and why most fresh starts are.

Dana Blair posted a dope selfie of her in the gym November 25th. Medicine ball in the back, Air Pods in, beautiful bald head tied up with a caption that read:

Proposal done. Calories burned. Edges in place. Today’s gonna be a great day. How can you push yourself to the edge and beyond of your comfort zone this week?

What stuck out to me was the final question: How can you push yourself to the edge and beyond of your comfort zone this week?

I’m not certain what will do once the site is in full rotation, dropping 3-5 interviews, folding in video content and much, much more. It is not yet clear to me in my mind’s eye how everything will simply work out. But I do know that every morning I wake up I think about the dream 16-year-old me had while picking out colleges and that was to create a lifestyle publication for dope AF black and brown men and women.

And do you know what is empowering: knowing that despite it all, I’m still pushing forward.

So fresh starts are ugly. They are fun. They are uncomfortable and fearful. They are rooted in hope and damn sure empowering.

Treat your dreams the same way you do leg day. Yes, it hurts but did you die? So long as you have breath and a grateful heart your fresh start(s) will always lead you to a win or another lesson to prepare you for the impending win.

Much love,


Alley Olivier