First Dates are Lame Fresh Starts


Fresh starts are like first dates. I hate first dates. I have been as single as a crisp dollar bill fresh out the ATM for a year or so now and simultaneously have been battling the “let’s start over” soundtrack with

It’s interesting enough to realize the same way I’ve been happily avoiding starting over with a potential bae, I’ve been painfully ghosting doing the work to bring BrooklynButtah back to the readers (and myself) who miss it.

Anything that requires vulnerability in 2018 I have not been here for. It’s far easier to be dishonest with myself and others, hide behind a smile of “I got this” than heavy lifting the pieces of making literal shit happen.

Don’t cyber judge me as though you’ve never chosen sleep over doing something you’re passionate about due to your own self-doubt or insecurities. Men too. 

It’s not until Alley got lonely - friends are great, but y’all aren’t the company I want all the time - and realized her cup was empty that the switch went off.

Being a jealous zombie with shoulda, coulda, wouldas on the ‘gram was no longer doing it for me. I had to tap into my Stella get your groove back and literally throw myself out there. 

So Bumble and redesigning the site happened. Bumble has now since been deleted, see that post in Blacklight, but BrooklynButtah is moving full steam ahead.

Are your fresh starts like first dates?

Much love,


Alley Olivier