I Will Commit to Stop Being Non-Committal


I bought a book filled with daily prompts. 364 to be exact. The book is thick and the prompts are also dope, from strange to emotional - the range is every writer’s wet dream. 

But any writer can tell you that their greatest love is also their greatest nightmare. Every writer I know I struggles with actually writing.

Every year we make resolutions from weight loss, cancelled that Blink membership mid-year, to meal prep and never stick to it. I made a resolution circa Bumble and relaunch prep to write every day. 

I am actually cackling as I write this at myself ‘cause, damn I play myself like Stevie J does child support.

Writing is hard. It is not some passive activity like watching endless episodes Jersey Shore family vacation - team J Woww by the way. It takes dedicated time, in my case minimal distractions, a will and date I say it again: time.

We make the habit of making commitments to things that require time and energy because we think we have to do so. Don’t lie like you don’t follow the wave. 

I felt that with the relaunch and making commitments to myself as the end of they year draws near I had to rev up my writing. When really, I simply need to commit to being nicer to myself. I cannot do it all. 

So no, I might not be able to finesse writing every day. And yes, I may completely fudge it up by not adhering to every single self-imposes deadline. But guess what: that’s ok. It is O K A Y. 

Part of the reason we become non-committal is because we beat ourselves down when we don’t reach some arbitrary line. If you don’t shut up, enjoy a glass of something nice, laugh at yourself and try again the next day. 

Take your non-committal ass, serve it up with something nice and commit to the trial and error. In the words of Cardi, fall down 9 times but we get up 10. 

Much love,


Alley Olivier