Let That Fun Rock The Start


It’s hard to think about having fun when you’re starting from scratch. You start to think about all the things you want to do, need to do, and boom you’re trembling at the mere fact of the work.

And work can’t be fun, right?

Work is always going to be work. It’s going to be hard. But, hear me out: starting over is fun when you can find and be reminded of the joy, your WHY, and how great you feel when you are in the dirt working.

There are times, and there will always be times, when I’m staring at my MacBook and am pissed, pissed. I cannot focus. The words don’t come to me. No emails are responded to. None of the leads I’m chasing are turning up open doors, just a lot of locked windows. And the fun of starting over feels a lot like, “I can’t do this.”

When you feel the fun draining from your work, unplug.

Simple suggestion, I know, but there is so much fun in walking away and chopping it up with that ace boon of yours to help you recharge your battery. And, to keep it a buck, my batteries often need recharging.

I am not immune to feeling the pressure of wanting to do well, nor are any creative or entrepreneurs or mainstream entertainers. We all have our own demons. I strongly believe that when we forget to just have fun we lose sight of our purpose.

Nothing worth having is ever easy nor is it ever lacking in laughs.

Don’t forget to laugh at yourself. There’s a time and place for fun in any fresh start, find it.

Much love,


Alley Olivier