When Life Needs A Reset, Reset.


All I really want for Christmas this year is a “That Was Easy” and “No” Staples button for my classroom. I’m sure you can vibe out why.

Before you judge me be sure to reconcile the fact that perhaps many of your high school teachers probably wanted the same thing specifically for you. Rant over.

All bad teacher jokes aside, I love a good button. A decorative button on clothing, pins to add to clothing, the satisfaction of pressing all the buttons on the elevator as a way to get back at my sister: there’s something about buttons.

Of the few mentioned, the greatest button of all time is the reset button. With particular attention to the holidays, I love the fact that I choose this time to sit back and say, “what the hell happened this year?”

There’s a sense of pause that I associate with the word reset that I find to be so calming.

That time to sit on your heels and administer a hard reset doesn’t always present itself as an opportunity worth taking, but when it happens whew chile!

Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, get better but that doesn’t happen without getting your hands plenty dirty and feeling low sometimes. A guy once told me it wasn’t until he hit the reset on his behavior that he felt clear on what his next steps should be.

What did it cost? The fair weather friends he had not business being cool with, a job, girlfriend, and comfort-ability he had grown accustomed to.

No one likes to feel uncomfortable, even if that discomfort is for the much better.

I hope that during these blissful holidays, your victory lap of 2018 allows you to reset.

Reset on your negative self-talk for everything you didn’t accomplish.

Reset on your vision; what did 2018’s lessons teach you to sharpen your sight?

Reset your relationships: if it is toxic leave it in 2018, please I beg.

Reset your self-care. You’re only as great as you can be when you take good care of yourself ladies and gents!

Much love and happy holidays!


Alley Olivier