5 Ways to Reinvent Your Vision Board


Leading into the New Year lends itself to intentional reflection of the year in passing. You’re purposefully flipping through your mental album of all the goals with green checks, and, red x’s next to them. 

This could often be a period of kicking one’s self, however, chipper up buttercup another year is upon us to continue writing our own personal stories. 

For some, manifesting their year’s goal list is as simple as writing it down in their phone’s notes, a journal, or sharing on social media. And while there is no rule book to the method in declaring your dreams, many have turned to vision boarding – the process of cutting out images and quotes out of magazines and pasting on a poster board. 

Whether you are a vision board pro or novice, what is most important in creating a vision board or goal list is that you are being intentional, specific, and patient with yourself in respect to where you are in the present.  

Here are 5 ways to activate those dreams into goals beyond the traditional poster board. 

Picture Frames 

A creative way to both decorate a space in your room or office and remind you of your goals, cutting out images from magazines, including photos of family and friends, and intentional quotes all collaged into multiple frames is an inventive way of crafting your year’s vision. 

Digital Poster 

Skip the scissors and glue and get tech-y with this year’s vision board. As everything shifts to tablets, laptop screens, and our phones, it makes complete sense to create a board that could function as a screen saver. 

Use programs like Google Slides, a Microsoft Word document, or Canva.com to compile digital photos, include your own quotes, and more. 

Vision Book 

If you’re into scrapbooking this might be the activity for you. Section off your book into 4 chapters to replicate the 4 quarters of the year and get busy setting intentional, quarterly goals. Or, dive in to creating chapters specific to certain life pursuits like wellness and finance. 

Mirror, Mirror 

This may feel very Mary Jane but for some, seeing your reflection as you scan the edges of your mirror could be a morning routine that is both empowering and inspiring. To protect your mirror, paste your images, quotes and the like onto mini poster boards so that you use minimal tape onto the actual surface area(s) of your mirror. Tap into your inner Gabrielle Union and go the Post-It route if that feels more you. Sky is the limit.  

Grid Board 

This is closest to a traditional vision board as it requires the same supplies. The difference, though, is the intentional sectioning off of the board using decorative tape or drawn lines to create 4 independent squares. Similar to that of the vision book, each square can represent a different area in your life: finance, career, wellness, personal (this can encompass everything from getting your licenses to meal prepping to learning a new language).


Alley Olivier