A Word on Commitment


Shawn Grant is no stranger to hustle. Journalist. Host. Podcaster. There are many titles to describe the Chicagoan but at the root of it all is his commitment to win, no matter how many losses he accrues along the way. 

Alongside his video, Shawn dropped a person word with a few deets as to why commitment matters most to him now, more than ever, as we view a new year coming up on the horizon. 

At the top of 2018 I found myself on the outside of entertainment journalism. My dual job as a Hip-Hop fan and contributor placed me back as just a fan for the first time since 2011. Applying for a new position to just keep me sharp, provided me a full-time position that was higher than I could imagine at the time. But to succeed in that area required commitment. 

 Who knew that new position and renewed sense of committing to something would reinvigorate my own personal determination to increase who I am and what I would recreate my commitment to be?

Commitment for me is understanding who I am and what I want for my own life and career. Commitment is how to position myself for empowering my future. Commitment in my life will provide a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and the opportunity to provide story-telling and experiences that they will enjoy. 

Commitment is creating my identity and legacy.

What will you commit to today that will matter for the upcoming days to come? Let us know below. 

Alley OlivierComment