Fresh Start Fun


How does fun and a fresh start make sense in the same sentence? Well, according to the e-streets: 

@natalie.yve:  A fresh start can be fun because it’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself; be something new, learn something new. It’s so easy to stay the course because we are afraid but when you dare to do something different with fresh eyes and an open mind, magic happens.

@wordplay_j: A fresh start can be fun and in that it can be refreshing. Exciting. New energy. A chance to be engaged. Learn something new about yourself. A new process. If you decide to make it that way. 

@fritzaddyyy: A fresh start can be fun, simply because you’re experiencing something in a new way. 

@shotbyct: A fresh start can be fun. When I was running my blog I went through a relaunch and it just gave me more energy. It also allowed me to refocus on the content I really wanted to push out.

@dizzy_melodies: A fresh start can’t be fun, to look at this from the opposing side, fun is a familiar feeling, one of comfort. It’s something you know that makes you happy or what you think makes you happy. Fresh starts = anxiety and unexpected. If throwing caution to the wind is your definition of then, shrugs.

Join in the conversation, can a fresh start ever really be fun? 

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