3 Ways to Drop the Cape


Ladies and gentlemen, I am telling you this because you need to hear it - though it may offend, and even shock you:

You. Are. Not. A. Super. Hero.


There are no S’s on your chests. No cool bracelets to block bullets. No cat suit or herb that awakens some inner strength. You are just you, and that’s ok.

Well damn BrooklynButtah why you goin’ so hard?

Your mental health, physical well being, and overall life happiness is catastrophically impacted by this idea that we simply have to do it all.

Help that friend.
Be there for that family member.
Take on that extra project at work.
Head to that event. Support that business.

Where is the time to sit down and, perhaps, focus on you? Or, just utilize the word no because you simply cannot handle 50 different things because you really an only do one or maybe two things to the quality you demand?

Listen, many of us want to be the savior of for all but we simply cannot and should not. Here are 3 ways to avoid being Super You for all and just for you.


Respect Your Own To-Do List

You are just so helpful and that’s great but who is helping you tackle down the mounting items on your own list? The time you should be spending pursuing your own tasks, whether it be for work or your passion project, is severely impacted by your inability to say no. No is a complete sentence. No does not mean you’re unsupportive of others, it simply means you respect yourself enough to know that your work is just as important as others. Therefore, it needs your energy.

Mind Your Business

It really does pay to mind your business and drink water. Aside from the obvious flawless skin benefit, minding your own business turns the attention back to you: what do you want and need to accomplish whatever is on your own to-do list? Focus on that rather than the gossip of others that really isn’t serving you.

Find an Accountability Partner

Too often we are consumed by our own tornadoes that we forget to peek our heads up and realize that we are pouring our energy into everyone else but ourselves. Where is that homie with the Deadpool-style humor to say: “yo, you’re neglecting yourself.” It takes nothing to let your crew know to check you when you’re doing too much. When they do, heed their advice and sit down.

Alley OlivierComment